I was thinking about something to write about, and the idea suddenly came to me that many people think that forgiveness is WEAK. So many murders occur due to people feeling disrespected, or being ripped-off, or a plethora of other reasons. If more people understood that it is NOT weak to “forgive & forget”, and that when a person does that from the heart, you call the power of the Infinite Universe to you.

Imagine a situation where there has been a disagreement of some type. One person gets angry at another. The other person gets angry back. The first person gets more angry. In turn, then other person gets even more angry. When does the cycle break? So many times, it never does. Even if one of the people kills the other one, the cycle continues. Anger still builds. The surviving family and friends of the dead person are angry. They are sad, grieving. The person who killed the person with whom he was having the disagreement now has even more to be upset / angry about: he has to worry about the police catching up with him; he has to come to terms with his act. People may want revenge: he has to worry about that as well.

The only way this cycle can be broken is when someone, somewhere, steps up and says “Enough is enough” and sincerely forgives the person(s) s/he is/are angry at. This has nothing to do with any religion, but it does concern spirituality. If just one person steps up to the plate and forgives another, the cycle of violence can be broken….

…Imagine now, the same situation I described above, with two people beefing with one another. One of them steps up and says, “Fuck this shit. Why are we beefing over this shit? I’m not going to get any more angry at you.” Then that person simply walks away. Refuses to escalate the anger and hatred. If more of us would approach situations like this, willing to let go and forgive others for anything, a whole lot of interpersonal violence would end. But you have to understand that it is NOT weak or pussified to forgive and forget. And if others call you a pussy or whatever for failing to fight anger with anger, well, fuck ’em! Does it really matter to you what others think/say about you? All it takes is ONE person to stand up; set the example; one person to set the standard for others to attain to….if just one person would forgive and let go instead of escalating beef with others….there would be others who would follow that example….

….just some thoughts for today….let me know what you all think….


(These words are from a spirit of a young brother from Richmond, VA. He was murdered last winter. I was sitting there talking with him, helping him come to terms with his death, and he needed to vent out his anger towards the people who robbed & shot him. This is what he said…..MATT)

—- “Yeah you gonna take my chain. You took every part of me you could see. You took all of me that you could be. But one day you gonna see just how mad I can be. You stole my life from me, mothafucka. You took me away from my baby. You took me away from me. You don’t know who I could be. You don’t know who I now see. You took my life away from me. Shame is gonna get you, mothafucka…shame, shame shame, its gonna pour down like rain. Nothin’s ever gonna take away your pain. And mine. I see who you are, mothafucka. You can’t hide from me. The truth someday you will see.

You careless, mothafucka. Careless as can be. They’re gonna catch up with the weed. You can’t hide it from me. Man, I can’t believe you took my life away from me. Over some trees. Over something I would have just given you. You killed me over some weed. Mothafucka, you’ve definitely sown the seeds…you’ve sown the seeds of greed…all of that I definitely can see…

…guess I’m speaking poetically – that’s something else you will never be… all your rap dreams…you’ve just thrown away….You threw away the start of your new day. You betrayed me, mothafucka…you hated on me…you shit on me…and I was just too blind to really see how greedy, how self-centered, how worthless you really be…I know now who’s my real friends…who’s fake….you’ve pretty much just gone and drowned yourself your dreams in the lake….burned up in the lake of fire…of desire…got out of control…you’re gonna be alone just growing old….

Whoever smoked that weed is tainted with the shame, and the pain…some of you thought weed was more important than my life…you’ve been tainted forever… —- “

Last night I was over at Jeremy’s apartment; we were talking business. We worked on our list of things to do, which is getting longer and longer every day. I have a list of spirits that want to come through and speak to their people. We probably will make videos of them talking with us and put it up here on FB and on Youtube; hopefully their friends / families will find the videos and take a look.

Last week this spirit named Lamoan kept on coming through to me. I was seeing him on and off all day last Wednesday. When I see a spirit coming through like that, I know they really want to come through and speak to their loved ones about something. Me & Jeremy added Moan to our ever-growing list, but it wasn’t until Sunday night that we got a chance to film the video with Moan coming through to talk. The video started with this lady named Sandra from Richmond, who came through – she wanted to give a shout-out to her “boo”…she said he will know who he is when he comes across the video. After her, this young Hispanic brother from South Central L.A came through. He was a gangbanger, a Crip. He said he wanted to show his respect to us for what we do. He had a hard life. I felt that, for him, death was almost a relief, that he finally could be at peace with himself for the first time in his life. After the young banger, an older black man who was a bartender popped through for just a minute to see what we were doing. And after that, Moan came through.

Moan was from Richmond. He was murdered in Southside in 2008 I believe. I’m about to upload the video here, but I’ll write a couple things about him here. Basically Moan was talking to his cousin Javon mainly…he was saying over and over to Javon to not trip anymore on Moan’s funeral. Moan told us his cuz was tripping really bad every time he thought about what happened at his funeral. Moan was telling his cousin to “celebrate for me, drink for me, smoke for me, party for me…don’t trip anymore at all…this world is better…I’m OK now…I’m happy now…”

Last night I was sitting there with Jeremy talking, and it seemed like every young murder victim from Richmond was coming through to us. They weren’t angry or anything at what happened – they just wanted to say hello to us and wanted us to acknowledge them too, which we did, of course. A whole lot of them also want to come through to speak to their friends and families. Jeremy and I will do the videos soon.

To Justin — your cuz Rashad is OK now…he crossed over to the Other Side without any problem or delay, and he is working on getting adjusted to his new life in the Spirit World. Jeremy & I saw him come through the other night. And if any of you know those two dudes Jeremy & Shawn from Petersburg who got shot recently while out clubbing downtown: both of them are OK now. They have come through to Jeremy and I several times, sometimes individually, sometimes together. We did not know these young brothers in the physical world, but we can feel the strong bond of love and friendship formed between them each and every time they come through from spirit. Jeremy wanted us to say to his friends/family that he isn’t going to stop riding bikes. That must be something that his people will understand. We filmed a video of Jeremy coming through the other week, a couple days after he crossed over. At that point, he was very jumpy and nervous still due to the circumstances of his death. He is a lot more at peace with himself now; I can feel the difference in his energy output: compared to late April, his vibe is totally different, much more joyful and loving and positive. He is happy to be reunited with Rashawn; I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are so very, very happy to be together again….as an empathic medium & intuitive, I can feel that emotion within me almost as if I was them. I know that this does not bring them back, or change the horrible ways in which they passed, but we hope that you may find at least a little peace in this knowledge, that you all’s family & friends who have crossed are so very joyful and happy in their new existences…

This has been a good week so far. I feel so much better physically and spiritually than last week. I hope it keeps up like this.

Jeremy & I will be doing frequent posts here and on Diary of a Psychic Medium (our blog) and on Facebook & Youtube about violent death. As unpleasant a subject as it can be, we feel it is both necessary and caring to mention such things. So, so many young people have been murdered in Richmond this year. I want to speak out on the spiritual aspects of violent death, and hopefully clear up some misconceptions about it.

For both me and Jeremy, it is hard to even read or watch the news without our spiritual minds activating and us performing spiritual actions. For example, when I am reading the Richmond Times-Dispatch website, and I come across a story about a violent death, I tend to say hello to the spirit(s) involved, and I check to see if they crossed through the portal to the Other Side alright. Sometimes when people die, and they see the doorway or portal leading to the Other Side, they refuse it; often they believe they have lived a “less than perfect” life and are scared that they will be judged and thrown in some “hell” if they go through the portal; or they can’t come to terms with their own death yet, and turn away from the gateway. Either way, we often see lost souls who are in what I call “self-imposed exile” dimensions due to fear, anger, or both. We have the ability to cross them over, and we can and do help lost, tortured spirits get to where they always deserved to be in the first place, but were too frightened to go there at first. Back to the news thing: I especially like to help murder and suicide spirits because I can imagine how torturous it would be to be there, watching and feeling every single emotions people are feeling inside, and outside themselves, seeing my friends and family grieve over my “death”. And trying to talk to them, trying to comfort them, but never getting a response, because most people cannot hear or see me. These guys often go through this. So Jeremy & I are there for them, when they need to get away from all the grief, all the emotion, all the pain. We can hear and see them, and we are not upset and grieving for anyone. And we gladly help them contact their friends and family to close out unfinished business if they would like us to. And sometimes we help THEM grieve and express their own anger.

Sometimes people are surprised at who comes through during our videos. A person emailed me complaining that his friend, who was murdered, was a Christian, so we must be fake, because Lord Buddha had come through during the video to comment on the situation with that spirit and his family and friends; Lord Buddha commented on grief and getting over grief. Know this: on the Other Side, there IS no religion. There IS spirituality though. Lord Buddha does not necessarily represent only the concepts of Buddhism. He believes in you – even if you do not believe in him. The same can be said for Lord Krishna, and Lord Christ, both of whom come through frequently during our videos and at other times. I have asked all three of these Lords to help certain spirits: to keep them company, and help them understand their individual situations better… and they did…

I frequently assist lost spirits in crossing over to the Other Side. Some of them are what some people call ghosts – and others are in a dimension just outside of this one here – but have not crossed over all the way to the Spirit World itself due to anger, or fear of “hell” and damnation or a furious, jealous, punishing “God” – which by the way, does not exist. I see a lot of suicides that get stuck in these self-imposed exile dimensions – often due to regret at taking their own lives. Understand this: there is nothing inherently “wrong” with suicide – I do not recommend it, obviously, but there is no angry deity waiting to throw you in some “hell” if you do decide to kill yourself. I will write more about suicide soon, and post it here on FB. That is a complicated subject, and will take more time and space to explain than I have right now.

Sometimes I read newspaper articles about murders and suicides, and I go ahead and check to see if the spirits involved are OK, and have crossed over to the Other Side all right. When a spirit has not crossed over, I see them surrounded with darkness, in a shadowy place, and often I feel unresolved sadness and/or anger, etc coming from them. Some of them are instantly ready to go – these are ones that have heard about Jeremy and I and what we can do, and found us. Others are ones that we found on our own; some of them are still scared and occasionally hostile.

What I do is, when I come across a lost soul, I pop myself into their dimension to be with them. All I have to do, is send myself into their dimension, just by thinking it, and knowing it to be so without ANY doubt. It’s like watching a video in my mind. I see another me appear with the spirit(s) who are lost. I speak with them, send them loving, compassionate vibes. I let them know that there is nothing to be afraid of, that they and I have found one another for a reason, and that I will not lie to them. I pop open the portal to the Spirit World with my thought. It blows open the second I command it to and blazing bright cleat blue-white light is always shining out of it. I put my arm around the spirit’s shoulders when they are ready, and I walk them through the portal. The sky there is usually dark purple and there is always a group of about 10-20 healer spirits waiting to send indigo-colored clear light into the spirit to cleanse them of negative energies. I tell the spirit to let the healers circle around him, and I usually join in the healing circle myself . We circle around the spirit, raise our hands, and radiate the clear indigo-purple colored beams of light out of our palms and fingertips into the spirit. It takes about 10-15 seconds to heal them. When we are done, I close the portal (again with my mind), tell the spirit that I am always there for them if they need me for anything, and I pull back my spirit body into my physical body. Crossing over a spirit only takes a minute or so, on average. The gratitude from the spirits is so intense, so beautiful; it is a wonderful feeling. They feel so good to be out of those exile dimensions, and to be back where they always had deserved to be in the first place. No matter what a spirit did in their last life, they are forgiven and feel happy again and loving and relaxed, finally. They always have a huge smile on their faces after being healed. I can feel their loving energies going into me. The love is my reward for taking care of these spirits.

One crossing-over I remember well happened in late January 2010. I was walking down the street in Highland Springs with Christy’s 8 year-old son Christian, talking with him about the Spirit World and spirituality, when all of a sudden this young black dude popped through – he was moderately-complected, tall, skinny, with a bluish-black hat on. He was sobbing inconsolably, tears were pouring down his cheeks. He was begging Christian (who can also see spirits) and I for help. This brother had lived in Richmond. He had killed two of his ex-girlfriends, and later when the police pulled him over for the murders, he blew his head off. He had been lost ever since, too frightened and remorseful to come to terms with his actions and cross through the doorway. Now he was stuck, all alone, reliving his actions in his thoughts over and over again – torturing himself basically. It is important to emphasize here, that NO ONE was punishing this spirit but HIMSELF.

Anytime I see tears coming from a lost spirit, I know they’re ready to go. So I popped on over out-of-body to where he was, all the while continuing walking down the street. I told Christian to come there too – I didn’t even have to explain how to do it – I saw him appear next to me and the lost spirit. I popped the gateway open with my mind as usual, and Christian, me, and the young brother walked through it together. The healers and us took care of him, and I shut the portal and pulled back after letting the brother know I was there to help him, if he wanted someone in the physical dimension to hang out with who could see him.

Later that night, I could feel a warmth and loving vibes going into me. Christian told me the spirit who we helped earlier that night was sitting behind me, smiling, with his hands on my shoulders. I could feel his gratitude and love. He was one of the gentlest, most loving spirits I had ever come across. This is an important lesson: even though he murdered two women in cold blood, even though he committed suicide, he was not beyond redemption and healing. He was not beyond the power of compassion (thanks Lord Buddha!!). He needed love just as much as anyone else. He needed someone to care about him. All I do is try to show some compassion and love to people, no matter what they may have done, or not done, in their physical lives.

I will help anyone cross over – no matter what they did in their lives. Everyone deserves love and compassion – this is something I do my best to practice at all times in my life.

I get sick of hearing Christmas music and Christmas commercials playing on my TV and radio.  As long as I can remember, I have always hatred Christmas.  Even when I was a little kid.  I knew that the “holidays” were the time of the year when people are at their most fake…

Seeing all this fake “jolliness” and commercialism going on, I get angry.  There is no reason to be more generous at “Christmastime” than any other time of year.  If you are a generous person, be that way year-round.  If you like donating money to the Salvation Army or things like that (those people doing bell-ringing: yet another thing that irritates me), do it year-round, not just during the month of December.

Who the hell came up with the idea of “gift-giving” at this time of year?  I think you can safely bet your whole ass that it was some kind of businessman, who centuries ago, took the spiritual tradition of giving gifts to Jesus, and somehow turned it into a bonanza of sales for his company.  And of course, “Corporate America” took the idea and ran with it as well.  I get disgusted when I hear about “Black Friday”, with PR scumbags representing the American Federation of Retailers marching out to talk about how important it is for us “good, patriotic Americans” to spend our money at their big, ugly retail stores, a la George W. Bush, who said something akin to “go out shopping, buy things”.

It is also worth mentioning that the people who help you find items in these stores, people who work the registers taking your money, are mostly all paid horribly low wages.  And don’t say that they deserve low pay because their skills aren’t worth a good wage.  EVERYONE deserves to be well-paid, everyone needs to be paid a wage that allows them to pay their rent, light bill, gas bill, car payment, etc without having to go out and work two, three, even four jobs, and without having to go out and get government assistance.  Wal-Mart actually tells their employees to go out and apply for Medicaid, apply for food stamps, so that they can continue paying “always low wages, always…”  Minimum wage must be raised to AT LEAST $15.00 per hour.  Would YOU want to have to work three jobs just to barely get by?  The people that sell you your Christmas presents are probably unable to afford to buy any of their own.  Remember that as you go out buying your last-minute presents.

Something else as well:  Most every psychic and medium who has commented on Jesus and Christmas has said that the man was NOT born in December, but in fact April.  We have the whole thing backwards.  Christ was born around Easter, and crossed over to the Spirit World in the late fall….don’t believe everything you are told…use your own intuition…make your own judgments…!!

I have had so much contact with spirits, that it has become routine to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a feeling of gratitude and wonder towards the experience.  It is always a gratifying thing to speak to and hear from the Other Side…

So in tribute to all the spirits that have taken the time to come through and see us, I wanted to talk about friendships that can take place between people who have “died” and those of us still here working on our physical lives.

This is a story about a dude named Simmie Williams…he was 17 years old when he was “murdered” in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2008.   He “died” early on a Friday morning.  On the next day, Saturday, I woke up here in Richmond, Virginia, in the late afternoon, from a strange dream and felt like something was different, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  Getting up from my nap, I could see a young black dude in my “mind’s eye” with a bunch of palm trees and a reddish sky behind him.  I knew it was a spirit, but I wasn’t sure who.

I turned on the computer and started randomly reading news articles on the Net.  I came across an article regarding the murder of a 17-year-old transvestite in Florida the day before.  Looking at the picture that was included in the article, I was surprised to see that it was the young brother I could see around me in my apartment.  I started speaking with him, and felt him there in the apartment with me, just hanging out, chilling with me.

At this point, I called Jeremy, who, as you all know, is a medium, and asked him what he saw.  He saw the same spirit as I was seeing.

I could feel Simmie riding along with me in the car several times.  I could feel him sitting behind me, massaging my shoulders while I drove around.  I felt an incredibly strong connection, spiritually and otherwise, to him, and told him he was always welcome to hang around with me anytime, as I truly appreciated his company.

Jeremy channeled him for me a few months later; he came through wearing white pants, a white shirt, with some kind of unbuttoned cream-colored shirt over the white shirt.  He was holding a white cat.  He said that he and I had a lot in common, so that is how he found me.  After he left his physical body, he could freely move around and be anywhere he wanted with the speed of his thought.  He ended up gravitating to me.

Simmie was not condemned and thrown in some “hell” by some angry “god” for wearing womens’ clothing, even though the Bible condemns the practice.  He was not condemned and judged for being attracted to men, and not women, even though the Bible says “men lying with men” is an “abomination to God”.

Simmie is the kind of person I would have liked to have met in the physical world.  He is a very sensual person; he likes being physically affectionate more than sex itself.  I could have easily become good friends with him here in the physical.  But I am happy just to have him around, chillin’ with me from time to time, in spirit form…

Jeremy said he felt Simmie is living it up in the Spirit World.  While his family, friends, and others who love him and are still in the physical world are crying and grieving, he is partying and enjoying himself like never before.  Let me tell you:  one thing the spirits want you to all know is : DO NOT GRIEVE.  Sadness from time to time is OK, that is part of the process of loss.  But continued grieving does nothing good for you, or for them.  In fact, it can actually bring them down:  thoughts about them attract and pull them to the person thinking about them, automatically.  If you are constantly grieving, for a long time, you are draining them as well as yourself.

When a person “dies”, there is NOTHING to be upset about.  In fact, when a person leaves this world, we ought to throw a BIG PARTY for them!!  For real…that is what a spirit would want!!  Party for them: knowing that they are there with you, partying with you, even though you might not always be able to see or hear them…

As I write this piece, I see and feel Simmie here with me, looking over my shoulder, reading along with me…

For sure, a good friend doesn’t have to be only in a physical body!!

One love to you Simmie, for real, thanks for everything you have done, and do, for me…I hope you continue to consider me worthy of your friendship – and I can’t wait to get back to the Spirit World & chill with you for real!!

In peace, in love, in harmony

…your friend Matt